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David Hairel
President & CEO

With a Bachelor of Music Education degree from Baylor (Sic 'Em Bears!), a Master of Church Music degree from Southwestern Seminary, 40 years in music ministry and 50 years' technical experience, David is very familiar with the unique technical challenges faced by houses of worship and has spent decades honing quality solutions to those challenges. When he isn't busy with company business, he and his wife Debbie enjoy spending time with their grandchildren and their Welsh Corgi, Harper.

Bruce Simmons
Systems Designer

Bruce has been in the industry 15 years and has 5 years' experience on church technical staff. He started working in Hairel's shop before he was even a legal adult and has personally filled every role in the field operations of the company. From dream meetings full of napkin sketches to commissioning multi-million dollar systems, there isn't a step in the process he doesn't have intimate knowledge of. In his spare time he likes to travel with his wife Katy, their 3 children and his Mastiff, Ranger.

Kevin Bell
Project Manager

Kevin has 13 years' industry experience and previous experience as a Production Manager at a local industrial computer manufacturer. He brought a penchant for extreme attention to detail with him from his computer-building days that made him an instant fit with Hairel's dedication to delivering a quality product. He is also an avid outdoorsman and in his free time he enjoys taking a break from technology with his wife Josie, their 2 sons and their Husky mix, Autumn.

Rob Slaughter

Rob has over 40 years of experience in almost every facet of this industry. From being the Regional Manager of a leading manufacturer to roles ranging from follow-spot ops to Production Manager/ Promoter Rep. and everything in-between on some the largest events ever produced in Texas, he has developed a knack for finding efficient solutions to even the most daunting of challenges. When time permits, he loves towing his camper to more scenic areas to relax with his wife Lisa and Heeler, Stark.

Melodiese Satterwhite
Drafting Supervisor

With multiple drafting certifications and a 16-year tenure at Hairel, Melodiese has become an integral part of our team and her input is an important part of creating the quality end-result that our customers experience. Her 9 years of drafting for custom home designers prior to joining Hairel instilled a dedication in her to produce only the highest caliber of solution to every challenge she faced. In her free time, she loves volunteering at her church.

Katina Bundy

Katina has 12 years of experience within the technical and engineering fields as well as multiple drafting certifications. The organizational skills she brought with her from her past experience in engineering firms have proven invaluable in keeping Hairel's day-to-day business operations running smoothly. When she isn't busy keeping the machine running efficiently, she loves seeking sunnier destinations with her 2 sons and their Boxer, Rocki.

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